Leading up to our annual Sr. High Youth Convention (UPRISING) this year, I was desiring to give toward an initiative that we could begin to form a bit of an ongoing relationship with.  We sat as a National Team of Youth Directors from across Canada back in March and heard about Life Campaign and specifically the In-School Feeding Program running in Bangladesh.  I really loved the fact that the Canadian Government matches any giving toward this at a 4:1 ratio.  So, we shared the vision with the Youth Pastors of EOD and as students arrived, we began to prep them for our Saturday Evening offering where our goal was to raise $2100 for this program in Bangladesh.  Saturday night rolled around and we began collecting the offering.  I was sitting in our evening service listening to our speaker when I got a text message that our offering total was just over $4400.  I was blown away by this amount as it’s one of our largest in many years at this event.

-Rev. Jeremy S. Albrecht

C.O.G.|Husband|Father|Specialized Ministries & Youth Director

Eastern Ontario & Nunavut District of PAOC

t: @jeremyalbrecht

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