Household Water/Sanitation


Out of the 325 households, 46% suffer from diarrhea, 44% from stomach ache, 23% from Typhoid, 14% from Dengue fever and 4% from Malaria over a 12 month period. The building and maintaining of household Bio Sand Filters gives 325 households clean drinking water and increases household sanitation through the building of environmentally safe latrines. This can drastically change simply by having clean water in the home, a safe latrine and education on safe water storage, disease prevention methods and good sanitation practices!


PROJECT: Household Water/Sanitation

LOCATION: Poreng District, Cambodia

GOAL: Give 5–10 people per household safe sanitation/clean water in their homes

AMOUNT NEEDED: $160.00 USD per household

TIMEFRAME: 1–2 months from time of funding (conditions permitting)


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