Momentum Youth, Maple Community Church

Oji is in Grade 11 and is part of Momentum Youth at Maple Community Church, which supports the Bangladesh feeding program. We asked him some questions and received some great answers!

Why is this cause important?
It’s about helping a group of people that don’t have consistent access to what we see as basic. Food. Put yourself in their shoes.

How did it make you feel to be a part of a project like this?
For me it was just important to focus on the kids I’d be helping rather than how I was feeling. But afterwards, fulfillment.

What was it like for YOU to have a key role in the leading and planning of this fundraiser?
When you actually have a say in how things go you’re more invested in its success. Actually being part of the process makes you care just a little bit more.

Why did YOU want to do this?
I felt and still feel that it was a way to use the things I’m good at, my talents, to affect other people’s lives positively, in a way that only I could.

Why should teenagers get involved in endeavours like this?
A lot of the time we’re focused on our own reality, and making sense of it. There’s nothing wrong with that, and finding yourself is important, do your thing. But the fact is that there’s a whole world going on that most of us are aware of but not conscious about. I feel like doing something like this helps you get out of your head and focus on a greater purpose. It’s a blessing on both sides.

Thanks, Oji!

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