Fundraising 101


If you want to raise money quickly and efficiently then this is the way to go. It is essential that your donors know where their money will be going so remember to emphasize the cause. It is also important to be enthusiastic and excited about the cause so that others are inspired to join in and contribute.

  • Toonie Tuesday: This catchy fundraiser is easy to plan and takes minimal volunteers and resources. Ask the students at your school or the people in your church to donate a toonie every Tuesday for a month. 
  • Voting Jars: Have participants use their change to vote for their choice in various polls. Poll ideas can include would you rather questions,  embarrassing tasks for a willing victim, or which teacher they want to wear a crazy costume for a day.
  • Change for Time: Get your classmates to bring in as much change as possible. Teachers must then count the change by hand at the beginning of the class. This means the more money raised the more FREE TIME your class gets!
  • Change for Teachers: Set a specific dollar goal, and the teacher has to do something weird like cut their hair or wear a funny costume if the goal is met.
  • Pastor Auction: Set a specific dollar goal, and the pastors of your church have to wear something funny or do something wild with their hair.
  • Go Hairless: Volunteers commit to shaving their heads if a certain amount is raised by a deadline.
  • Donation Thermometer: Measure your groups’ donations in a creative and interactive way to keep everyone involved.

Run an Event

This is a great way to get your whole community involved. Use your team’s strengths to provide a service or entertainment. The event should interest a wide variety of people such as a carnivalpasta dinner or car wash. Donors really enjoy these events as it is a fun outing as well as an opportunity to help the less fortunate

  • Talent Show: Have a talent show at school. Raise money by selling tickets, food etc.
  • Karaoke : Use a karaoke machine and host the party at home, or speak to a local restaurant about playing host for the evening.  Charge an entry fee.
  • Civies day: For those of you who wear uniforms, you can get a day off to wear whatever clothes you want. If you wear clothes other than a uniform you must pay 2 dollars.
  • Teacher vs. Student sports event: Challenge the teachers in a game of any sport you want and charge for tickets to support the teams!
  • How Many Marbles: Ask donors or supporters to pay $1 to guess how many marbles you have placed in a glass jar. The donor with the closest guess will win a prize!
  • Car Washes: There’s never a shortage of dirty cars. Provide a good service and you’ll be surprised at the donations you can receive.
  • Eat for a Cause: Ask a local restaurant to donate 10% of their profits on a designated night for your cause in exchange for encouraging supporters to eat there.
  • Pump it Up: Coordinate with a local gas station to have volunteers serve as gas station attendants who pump gas and clean windshields for donations for a day.
  • Cafe Night: Ask your youth pastor to hold a cafe night on a youth group night. Make coffee, hot chocolate, and baked goods and donate the proceeds to the cause.

Sell a Product

This approach is very effective especially when done during a holiday. Your team should decide on a product that can be bought in bulk such as chocolate eggs for Easter or tree ornaments for Christmas and sold for a profit. You can sell the products to friends and family or at your school or church.

  • Chocolate Bars: You can buy chocolate bars in mass quantities and then sell them at school.
  • Cookies/ Muffins: You can make cookies or muffins and sell them to people you know or people at school.
  • Cup Cake Decorating: Charge students to buy or decorate cupcakes in exchange for donations for Back 2 Life.
  • Ice Cream Bar Sale:  Everyone loves a little mid-week treat. Sell ice cream bars.
  • Lemonade Stand: Set up on a busy corner or outside a shopping centre.  You can even change things up, try selling freezies, hot chocolate or iced tea.
  • Christmas Cards/ Tree Ornaments: Seize the Christmas spirit and encourage your donors to buy your homemade or store bought Christmas themed product.
  • Homemade arts and crafts: Pull out your favourite Pinterest ideas and sell them to your friends and family.
  • Customized clothing/jewelry: Future fashion designer? Use your skills to make customized hip clothing for your fab friends.
  • Raffle: Raffle off anything from concert tickets and chocolate baskets to your younger sibling! It’s an easy sell and sure to be a hit!
  • Christmas Cards: Design and create Christmas cards to sell to friends and family.